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If you are not getting an approval from Google AdSense , You can go towards Other AdSense Alternatives 2022.

Subject Of The Post:

This Post will lead you towards the top 11 best alternatives for Google AdSense . However, Google AdSense is the best Ad Network ever with much Higher CPM And CPS.

Here is a list given for all the top 11 alternatives for Google Adsense.

In Our Opinion:

In our opinion Propellers ads are the best Ads if really want to earn money from your blog or website.

Because, they let you to the high CPM with high Earnings.

AdSense Alternatives 2022

  • Real Content Network
  • West Seven Media
  • Anyclip
  • Recrue Media
  • Infolinks
  • Viewdeos
  • Epom
  • Velis Media
  • Brightcom
  • Primis
  • Global Sun
Best Ad Networks

Real And Fake Ones:

All the ads listed above are real but there are some things that make them differ from each other.

So, you have to choose which ad is better for you .i.e. AdSense Alternatives 2022

We recommend you to get the propellers ads network as they give you better CPM and CPS i.e CPM is 0.05$ and CPS is 0.5$ that’s good enough for you.

Last Words:

AdSense Alternatives 2022

The most important thing that you have to notice before you get started with Infolinks Ad Network is that i may not the good experience for using Infolinks as their CPM is so low and the minimum payout is 50$ that is impossible to get in a new made blog or website as 0.5$ is able to get by 1000 impressions so don’t waste your time in trying to use the Infolinks Ad Network On your Website.


As you can see, there are many Google AdSense alternatives to get them. However, AdSense remains one of the best, if not, the best ad network available. It gives you much earnings and good and reliable ads so you can then make good money and produce better results than most other ad network. Be sure you have much traffic to get good profit i.e. at least 50 persons per day.

Either way, what works for one publisher, does not necessarily work for another. AdSense could be your highest earning ad network while another publisher gets better results from Propellers ads. The fact remains that you need to test ad networks and then go through the good ones and bad ones then check what is best for you.

All this takes much time, and there are lots of room for error. Every passion in this world begs hard work to be get succeeded.

Good Luck! Keep us in our prayers.

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