How To Make Money Through Making A YouTube Channel

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Earning With YouTube

If you want to make money by making a YouTube Channel , You are at a right place.
If you want this thing, You must now some basics in order to make a YouTube Channel.

Basics Relating YouTube:

1-What Is YouTube?
YouTube is a video sharing platform. It shares much important news, information and facts about this digital world.
YouTube is also a famous platform for earning Money Online. You can make money from YouTube by uploading your own unique videos on it.
2-How YouTube Works?
The working way of YouTube is very unique with respect to all other websites. YouTube takes Ads from people in order to make their business grow and displays their business Ads on our video.
when our videos are liked by some people , they come to our video and start watching the videos.
YouTube Displays their Ads in our videos where needed to share the business of others. Now, as the videos are owned by us , so YouTube take money from people for showing their business Ads. YouTube shares those money with us. For Example YouTube gives us 45-60% of the money taken by the Ads makers.
3-How can I earn from YouTube?
Obviously, You can earn from YouTube As well as you can share your Ads to make your business grow This process is a simultaneous process. You can make videos and share it with YouTube to earn money but this involves a big process given below:

Methods To Earn

There are several aspects in order to earn from YouTube.
1-Firstly, You have to make a YouTube channel that is a simple process.
2- Secondly, You have to share your own made videos with this channel.
3-Third, You have to get traffic on your videos by sharing it with your Friends and known ones.
4-Moreover, When you have got 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers you are ready to apply for the monetization of your videos with YouTube Community.

YouTube Channel Requirements For Earning Money:

Requirements means the requirements for the monetization of your uploaded videos.
once, You have successfully monetized your videos (YouTube Channel) then YouTube will start giving you omission on every view on your every single video.
1-Get 4000 hours watch time.
2-Get 1000 subscribers.
Need For Requirements:
The need for requirements are that YouTube tries to find out is your channel liked by others. In order to check this, YouTube asks you to get 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers.
If you successfully reach these requirements YouTube lets know that you are liked by others and they get ready to be given you the order of running ads on your YouTube Channel and earn money from your YouTube channel .
So far, This was the complete guide to get the full and explained information to make the money from YouTube Channel by uploading videos.

YouTube Earnings

Last Step:

Next and Last step is to record useful videos and earn money by uploading them on your YouTube channel.

Useful Information Regarding Earnings:

YouTube Earnings Rates:

Each ad pays $2 per 1,000 views. If you’re curious about how much you might earn on YouTube, then try Influencer Marketing Hub’s YouTube Money Calculator.

Earn BY YouTube
Earn BY YouTube

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